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Om samlingen af afrikanske vertebrater

Databases over distributions of vertebrates in Sub-Saharan Africa have been compiled over more than eleven years at the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen, through a broad collaboration with other institutions and researchers. The individual distribution maps present a conservative extent of occurrence in a one-degree grid, based on a thorough review of the literature, museum collections, databases, and evaluation by experts. Each map is generated using the grid-based information in the database. For amphibians, snakes and most mammals (but only few birds) the distribution data comprise green squares representing confirmed species occurrence (based on literature and museum specimens) and orange squares representing the occurrence according to expert evaluation based on known occurrence and knowledge about the species’ natural history, habitat associations and habitat distributions, as well as known absences within the larger potential range. Each map is backed up by a detailed summary database on the species taxonomy, habitat, red list status, and a list of references used to produce the map.

The Copenhagen databases of African vertebrates
Introduction to The Copenhagen databases of African vertebrates