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Digitized type collection, details - POL-002120
Catalogue number  POL-002120
Phylum  Annelida
Class  Polychaeta
Order  Unknown
Family  Unknown
Genus  Anamoebaea
Species  oerstedii
Author  Krøyer
Year of authorship  1856
Identifier  Krøyer
Type status  Syntypes
Original genus  Anamoebaea
Original species  oerstedii
Original author  Krøyer
Orig. authorship year  1856
Continental region  Tropical West Atlantic
Major area  Tropical West Atlantic
Locality  West Indies
Start depth  0
End depth  0
Collector  H. Krøyer
Annotations  Update status: Created or updated on 14.01.2011 | History comments: | Further identity: | Further remarks: Lot contains 3 bodies and 3 tentacular crowns. Collection data may be identical to those for POL-2121. | | Page reference:
UUID  87a80e50-f71e-4009-9d09-7e2baa09c352
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