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Digitized type collection, details, simple view - zmuc00241108
Catalogue number  zmuc00241108
Collection name  Sehested and T. Lund
Taxon  Echthromorpha agrestoria spinator Fabricius
Sex  Male
Family  Ichneumonidae
Country  Unknown (Indomalaya)
LAB_VERBATIM_LOCALITY  Label “Ind: orient”Orig. lit. “Habitat ad Caput bon. spei”
Geo location   
Date collected  
Notes  Ent. Syst. Suppl. 1798
Syst. Piez. 98.19Copenhagen 1 specimen, Kiel 2 specimens
Type status  Syntype   
Original genus  Ichneumon    
Original species  spinator   
Original subspecies     
Original author  Fabricius   
Orig. authorship year  1798   
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