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Digitized type collection, details, simple view - C10009683
Catalogue number  C10009683
Collection name  General Herbarium
Taxon  Convolvulus maximus  L.f.
Family  Convolvulaceae
Country  INDIA
Geo location   
Date collected  
Collector  König, J.G. or Rottler, J.P.
Notes  Suppl. pl.: 137 (1781)
Label1: Ipomoea sepiaria Koen. sec. Hook. fl. brit. Ind. Ex herb. Mørch 1918 leg. Koenig? Rottler? Label2: Convolvulus striatus Vahl Symb. Bot. 3 359 Ind. Orient. On sheet: Ipomoea maxima (L.f.)Don ex Sweet Label3: 2 Recorded in the catalogue of the Koenig collections Label4: KOENIG HERBARIUM Label5: db. BIODIVERSITY OF TROPICAL ASIAN CONVOLVULACEAE supported by National Science Foundation DEB 0212762 Ipomoea sagittaefolia Burn. f. Syn. I. sepiaria Roxb., I. marginata (Desr.) Manitz Det. G. Staples [BISH] Oct. 2004
Type status  Type   
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