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Digitized type collection, details, simple view - C10002698
Catalogue number  C10002698
Collection name  General Herbarium
Taxon  Orobanche crenata  Forssk.
Family  Orobanchaceae
Country  EGYPT
Locality  Cairo ("Káhirae"), Alexandria
Geo location   
Date collected  --1761 / --1762
Collector  Forsskål, P.
Notes  Fl. Aeg.-Arab.: 113 (cent. 4, nr.45) (1775)
On Forsskål's field label: Orobanche nova crenata Alex. vern. ad Califfe On back of sheet(scrips. Vahl): Orobanche crenata Forsk. Cent. 4. no. 45. pag. 113. On back of sheet: HB. VAHLII. On sheet: Reinserted in the Herb. Forskålii from the General Herbarium at C, and recorded as Addit. No. 1534. At one time in the private "Herb. Vahl." Onl label: Orobanche crenata Forssk. DET. F.N. Hepper Type 1986
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