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About database for Fungi

Database for Fungi

Introduction to the Database for Fungi

The database for fungi includes p.t. ca. 47.000 records from the fungal herbarium. Most of them have been obtained after 1990 and all newly received collections will be digitalised. In connection with loans, research and similar purposes also older collections have been digitalised, but there is not enough ressources to digitalise the whole herbarium.

Each collection is presented with the Danish name, the Latin name, the country of origin, the locality, the collector and the person, who identified the species. Furthermore the date of collection and any notes given on the habitat is shown. A rough taxonopmical guide can be searched, separating the fungi into 14 groups. Also, it is possible to search for collections from a country.

When using the database it should be kept in mind that the taxonomy of the fungi is changing very rapidly these years, due to the molecular results. Therefore, the database is not necessarily reflecting the latest results and opinions on taxonomy. The base is updated regularly (1-2 times a year) and the update will also include new names.

The records in the base can also be searched through the international GBIF-system (Global Biodiversity InformationFacility).

The database is constructed and maintained in dbase by Peer Corfixen. Christian Lange made the interface and adapted the search-part in Filemaker/Windows. Henning Knudsen is scientifically responsible.

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